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Weddings mix Photography & Video

Wedding Fusion = Bolton Photography meets Videography

Is a recent, unique method of documenting your day. Combining photography and videography, raw, candid, indelible moments are captured utilising the power of audio, image, film and photographs highlighting in full those special moments, enabling you to relive the day for years to come. A truly beautiful and exciting method perfect for each individual couple.
Our fusion videos act as a highlight reel of the day. We began offering them because traditional wedding videos can last hours and therefore can’t be watched easily or readily. Why have such a wonderful day and commission a video to capture it that will hardly be watched? Our videos are expertly cut into a watchable fifteen to twenty minutes, making them more creative, intimate and emotionally charged than the long, drawn out traditional wedding video.

Title: Wedding Photography Fusion

Author: Andrew Lord, Bolton Wedding Fusion Video